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The main objective of EPIKOINONIA - 2021 is to develop smart innovative ideas for future Communication Technologies.


Topic includes, but is not limited to……

    To Develop Smart Innovative Idea For Future Communication Technologies

Problem Statements

    ➔ Smart Communication - Designing devices which would aid in making smoother communication channels between various communication devices.

    ➔ Healthcare and Biomedical - Bringing out innovations that would help in managing Healthcare better.

    ➔ Smart Agriculture - Designing devices keeping in mind the need to enhance the primary sector of india - Agriculture and the lives of our Rural population.

    ➔ Smart Vehicles -Creating intelligent devices to improve commutation sector.

    ➔ Food Technology - Creating state of art solutions to manage art solutions to manage and process our agriculture procedure.

    ➔ Open Innovation - Bringing out the solutions to the major problems in the society.


Level 1

25-May-2021 - 25-June-2021

Judging Criteria

Unique Idea and Innovation


Preliminary Round (Abstract Submission)

Eligibility Criteria

All B.E/B.Tech Students

Level 2

01-July-2021 - 03-July-2021

Judging Criteria

Idea Implementation 


  • Good Clarity Video and Audio

Eligibility Criteria

Participants who have qualified Phase 1 will be eligible to participate in this round.

Level 3

10-July-2021 - 10-July-2021

Judging Criteria

Based on the Clarity of explanation, Quality of the Project, Working Principle, Implementation in Real World, Innovation, Relevance, Creativity, Usefulness winners will be selected.


  • The participants will be invited with a Google meet link to share their project with a Presentation.
  • The finalists will be provided with 8 minutes (6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for viva)

Eligibility Criteria

Qualified in Video Submission Round


➔ A team should contain a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members.

➔ The team may also contains members from different departments(s) and college(s).

➔ The team members won’t be modified once after their successful registration.

➔ The Participants will be evaluated, shortlisted / eliminated and promoted to next rounds by the experts by using the above mentioned criteria.

➔ The judgement made by the experts will be final and would not be changed.

➔ If any malpractices found among the participants, the particular team will be disqualified.

➔ Registration /Document submission once after the deadline will not be considered.

➔ Every participant will receive a certificate of participation.

➔ Cash prizes will be awarded along with the certificate for winners.

Event Coordinators

C.Raju Faculty Coordinator 9003527501 [email protected]

M.Leeban Moses Faculty Coordinator 9789576702 [email protected]

Karthikeyan S Faculty Coordinator 8667610575 [email protected]

THARUN K T Student Coordinator 9543933814 [email protected]

Raahul Prasath P Student Coordinator 8778064046 [email protected]

MOUNAGURU P Student Coordinator 9361089733 [email protected]