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➔ 3Ding Ideathon 2K21 is a national level virtual Ideathon event that aims to provide the opportunity for the students to showcase their ideas to solve any problem statements.


Topic includes, but is not limited to……

    Think - Create - Reimgaine

Problem Statements
    1. Portable Ventilator
    2. Web Application to Resolve Shortage of Health Care Equipment’s
    3. Innovative Mask Concepts
    4. Agriculture Equipment Lending System
    5. Make Payments Easier and User-Friendly with Voice based Digital Wallets
    6. Blockchain-based Recruitment and Verification Platform
    7. Portable Low-cost Water Filter
    8. Indigenous Vending Machine for Tea/Coffee
    9. Innovative Agriculture Automation
    10. A tool for Fetching and Editing Information from Scanned Documents
    11. Vision-based Algorithm for Sensing of Railway Tracks
    12. Design of Cyber-Physical Surveillance System for Smart Cars
    13. Automatic Disaster Managing System using IoT
    14. Create an App that can Run on a WINDOWS/LINUX to Aid the Disabled Persons to Perform Day to Day Task
    15. Marketing Network for Agricultural Commodities for the Benefits of Farmers
    16. Innovative Stair Climbing Trolley
    17. Thermoelectric Refrigeration
    18. Gearless Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism
    19. Identifying Quality of Index of the Fruit/Vegetables by Non-Destructive or with Minimal Destructive Methods
    20. Games on Road Safety
    21. Farmer Portals to Sell Agricultural Products
    22. Anti-Theft System for 2 Wheelers
    23. Robotic Arm for Inspection, Cleaning and Painting of Tanks on Ships
    24. Device to check for harmful chemicals in vegetables and fruits
    25. Solution for Initiating some kind of Alarm to Protect Underground Cables while Digging the Road for Construction.
    26. Smart Social Distancing Gadget
    27. Women Safety wristband
    28. Smart Water Management and Distribution System
    29. IoT Based Smart IV Fluid Bottle Monitor and Control
    30. Ultraviolet Disinfection and Sterilizing Robot
    31. Answer Sheet Checking system using neural network and image processing/Computer Vision
    32. SmartGardening System
    33. Low-Cost Night Vision System for Intruder Detection
    34. Economical Design of Street light DC grid for energy savings


Level 1

10-July-2021 - 13-July-2021

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on how efficiently the solution has been provided for the problem statement. Selected participants will be further communicated for the next level through mail and whatsapp on 13.07.2021.


Rules for first round:

  1. Your ideas should focus towards providing novel solutions to any ONE of the problems floated for the competition.
  2.  Abstract once submitted cannot be changed
  3.  An e-certificate of participation will be given to all those participants who submit abstracts.
  4. Each team has to present an abstract of their ideas on any one of the given themes. In the abstract, only the important points are to be highlighted. The word limit for submission is 500 words.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. This is a competition for undergraduate students
  2. Teams can be inter-college/inter-departmental/inter-institutional.
  3. Multiple teams from one college/university/Institute are allowed.

Level 2

23-July-2021 - 24-July-2021

Judging Criteria

  1. Innovation - How 'innovative' is the idea? Is this idea creative and progressive?
  2.  Feasibility of Implementation - How feasible is the idea? How can it be executed within 6 months/one year on a defined budget?
  3.  Sustainability - How sustainable is the idea? Is this idea cost-effective? Where does this have market potential and scalability?
  4. Impact - How does this idea raise awareness for diverse or vulnerable populations in a range of social conditions?


  1. A PowerPoint presentation is mandatory.
  2. Selected teams shall prepare a PRESENTATION that explains the problem briefly, and their innovation to tackle the problem. The presentation should also outline the impact and feasibility of translation into the public domain.
  3.  The finalists will be provided with 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for viva). Participants are requested to prepare the slides accordingly as per sample presentation and it will be shared with the round 1 result.
  4. ONLY the lead member shall give the presentation.
  5. The presentation shall be followed by a Q/A round where the judges shall pose questions regarding the presentation. All team members MUST participate in this session.
  6.  A copy of the presentation should be mailed to [email protected] prior to the event date.
  7. The decision of the judges shall be final.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants who have qualified round 1 will be eligible to participate in this round.


Registration of the ideathon:

  1. Registration to the event is free of charge.
  2. This is a competition for undergraduate students
  3. You are required to register in a team of 3 members or a single participant is also encouraged. Each team should have a lead member whose contact information must be provided at the time of registration and the team registration would be via Google forms only.
  4. Teams can be inter-college/inter-departmental/inter-institutional.
  5. Multiple teams from one college/university/Institute are allowed.
  6. Mentors are encouraged but not mandatory.
  7. Participants guarantee that the personal information provided upon registration to Micro prototyping lab is true and accurate. Furthermore, inaccurate and/or falsified information can result in disqualification of the team from the event.
Event Coordinators

Mr. S K Dhinesh Faculty Coordinator 9715367724 [email protected]

Mr. S Madheswaran Faculty Coordinator 9543217072 [email protected]

Sangamesh V Student Coordinator 9566610127 [email protected]

Saravana Kumar K Student Coordinator 8940861912 [email protected]

Ravi P Student Coordinator 9751828779 [email protected]

Ritheesh Madhavan G Student Coordinator 7010937514 [email protected]

RAGHUNATH M Faculty Coordinator 9566357006 [email protected]