Energy Ideathon-2021

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Energy Ideathon-2021 is provided as a platform for budding engineers to showcase their to solve real time problems and to develop new ideas & technologies based on the given set of themes.


Topic includes, but is not limited to……

    Energy Ideathon 2021

Problem Statements
    1. Bifacial Solar Power Technology
    2. Smart Lighting and Energy System for Home
    3. Economic Radio Wave Detector
    4. Solar Assisted Refrigerators
    5. PV Based Glazing System
    6. Hybrid Solar Energy
    7. Energy Efficient Home
    8. Solar Powered Charger
    9. Solar Floating Farms
    10. Solar Power Water Desalination
    11. Smart Vehicles for Smart India
    12. Incinerator for Domestic Applications
    13. Waste to Energy
    14. Self-Adjusting Tidal Turbine
    15. Smart Grid Technology as A Renewable Energy Source
    16. Smart Water Purifier
    17. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    18. Low Cost Solar Powered Hybrid Vehicles
    19. Solar Powered Drone
    20. Printable Solar Panels
    21. Portable Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
    22. Low Cost Solar Active Heating Systems
    23. Low Cost Solar Passive Heating Systems
    24. Enhancement On Solar PV Plant Productivity
    25. Phase Change Materials in Passive Cooling Applications
    26. Effective Utilization of Biomass as a Renewable Source
    27. Self-Sustainable Energy Grid for Domestic Application
    28. Self-Cleaning Solar Panels
    29. Future Wind Turbines
    30. Low Cost Wave Energy Generators



·  A team should contain a maximum of 3 members

· The team may also contain members from different departments(s) and college(s)

· The team members won’t be modified once after their successful registration

· The Participants will be evaluated, shortlisted / eliminated and promoted to next rounds by the experts by using the mentioned criteria

· The judgement made by the experts will be final and would not be changed

· If any malpractices found among the participants, the particular team will be disqualified

· Registration /Document submission once after the deadline will not be considered

·  Every participant will receive a certificate of participation

·  Cash prizes will be awarded along with the certificate for winners

·  Reward Points will be provided for internal participants based on the quality of submission.

Event Coordinators

Dr. G. Kumaresan Faculty Coordinator 9524119045 [email protected]

Mr C Subramanian Faculty Coordinator 9486360218 [email protected]

N. Bhuvanesh Faculty Coordinator 9500780074 [email protected]

Danus M Student Coordinator 6380787956 [email protected]

Sudhakar S Student Coordinator 9360145790 [email protected]

Sudharsan B Student Coordinator 9344197726 [email protected]

Kalyan M Student Coordinator 9500949603 [email protected]

Harshavartthan A Student Coordinator 9360053672 [email protected]